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Truth & Consequences Westy's PhoenixNights

Westy's, 346 N. Main St, Memphis, Tennessee


Music At The Frist Barbara Jenice

The Frist Center Cafe, 919 Broadway, Nashville, TN

Enjoy the sublime Frist Center Cafe fare and live music. Visitors to Music at The Frist receive free gallery admission and validated parking for the Frist Center Visitor parking lot. January 18th features the music of Barbara Jenice, Songwriter & Founder of MemPhoenix. Influenced by her parents' love of music—The Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Carla Thomas, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Blue Magic, Chaka Khan, The Beatles, James Taylor—as well as the folk, rock and reggae she came to love as a teen, Barbara Jenice blends it all into a uniquely powerful and evocative easy listening groove. Barbara's JazzEclecticFolk Project moves with her from Memphis to Nashville—an energetic fusion band of rotating artists. Individual personalities collaborate in genre-bending explorations—jazz meets folk, funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, and even gospel and country. "Her voice, think the folk singer Tracy Chapman, wraps evocative lyrics in a velvet sound..." says Zack McMillan of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.  Through a lifetime of writing and performing music, Barbara Jenice shares an incredible journey of recovery through song.  She continues to make headway in the music industry under the mentorship of legendary Memphis Music Hall of Fame inductees David Porter and Carla "Gee Whiz " Thomas. For more of Barbara's story and vision, "Art Heals," please visit the website of her non-profit: Hear one of her latest songs, "Aviatrix."

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MemPhoenix Mixersd

Westy's, 346 Main St., Memphis, TN

Music. Art. The healing power of creativity. MemPhoenix Mixers provide quality entertainment and an opportunity toA support the music and the mission. MemPhoenix believes Art Heals. Every First Saturday at Westy's Memphis. November Featured Artist: TO Be Announced Your contributions make MemPhoenix programs possible:  

Music From Our Hearts (Music & Movement for Pre-K & Special Needs Kids) Reiki Music Therapy Paint The Music Senior Creative Therapy Life Coaching Holistic Health Consultations

  And more -

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Join the ONLY Prince infused Reiki Crew on the PLANET.

Purple Reign Reiki (Reiki101)

When The Purple One, Prince Rogers Nelson was forced from his earthly body on April 21, 2016 his spirit instantly and intentionally touched thousands of intuitive healers across the planet, as well as awakening millions of others.

Many of us have come together to continue learning and growing in His energy.

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. As a personal health/meditative practice, it clears energetic blocks, transmutes karma, opens your third eye and promotes healing/wholeness/connectedness in oneself and those around you - especially when practiced with that focused intent. Reiki has been shown in multiple studies to ease pain, relieve tension and promote healing on all levels of being - to name a few. It is now being incorporated into schools, hospitals and rehab facilities worldwide. 

Reiki is believed by this crew to be a systemized method of utilizing the energy both Prince, & Jesus Christ Jeshua (J) before him, came to earth to teach - Love For One Another.

It starts with LOVE of SELF.

Minister & Reiki Master Healer Barbara Jenice leads classes and sessions here as she communicates with the soul essences of J, Prince, Quan Yin, Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki), and other ascended masters. Join us as we learn, teach and grow together.

Get Your Third Eye To Tha Sky.

Purple Reign Reiki Group Membership


Monthly donation is requested for membership in this group. If $8/month doesn't fit your budget and you need this healing, don't let it stop you! Select a lower amount or email 

Once you have completed your membership subscription through the secure PayPal link above, you will be redirected to join the Purple Reign Reiki Facebook Group

Purple Reign Reik Class & Podcast on Soul Life Sundays! SignUp Here 





Reiki = Universal Life Force Energy 


Reiki, the Japanese Energy Healing Modality formulated by Dr. Mikao Usui works by channeling the healing energy of the universe - which exists within and around all things - into the body, stimulating each cell to return to a state of wholeness and health. Reiki is non-invasive, has zero interactions with medications or supplements, and is proven to reduce stress, increase a sense of well being, reduce heart rate, improve digestion, stimulate the nervous system and balance the energy centers (chakras) of the body - to name a few! 


To schedule in-person, video, phone, &

distance Reiki healing sessions click here  or call +1-626-838-3343



YOU Can Learn to Practice!

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Level 1 Practitioners Online Video Course*

Hand giviing Reiki, words give love ask believe guidance create community blessings nurture energy thank you faith divine intention family ask hope peace love compassion humility meditate joy change truth forgive wisdom sacred spirituality oneness all that is 

*To Receive Certification after completing the 8 classes, email your request to



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Reiki Energy Healing and Reiki Music Therapy are provided free to the world as a ministry of MemPhoenix. To support the work, please use the secure donation button below or mail contributions to:

MemPhoenix Ministries & Productions
130 E. Montecito Ave, Ste 122
Sierra Madre, CA 91024