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Manuka Magic

This mix was created by Barbara Jenice to remedy a spider bite. Along with internal herbal antibiotics, thrice daily application resulted in AMAZING results. Swelling disappeared, pain eased & stiffness softened. She even ate a bit each day!

Manuka Honey & 30ppm Colloidal Silver lend their powerful, gentle, all natural properties to this simple home remedy. Both long held antibiotics, Manuka Honey's Medicinal value is so potent it is being explored clinically

Comes in Simple Serum for super sensitive areas and a Potent Paste for topical application on closed skin.

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This is a spirit guided, home-made product. MemPhoenix & Reverend Barbara Jenice Lester, RMT make no claims as to the efficacy or potency of this product, nor its ingredients. Energetic Healing properties are not regulated by the FDA. Always consult your Healthcare professionaal, your own divine guidance & common sense before using this or any other product on yourself, loved ones or pets.

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