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Here's Our June 2018 Brainstorming Session:

A Bus For Me & A Bus For Thee

“BSquared - We’ve Got Your Housing Squared Away!”


Concept: Fully Mobile Skoolie/Tiny Homes for the differently abled

Goal: To provide comfortable supportive living spaces for unique populations that are customizable to individual needs.

The Team/Test Subjects:

In 2018, 2 women on the road to wellness and helping others met in Burbank, CA at THe Songwriting School of Los Angeles,  having no idea the interaction would change their lives forever.


Angela Loehr, aka Rebel Hart, is a dynamic writer, singer-songwriter, painter, and Jill-Of-All-Trades ( taught English to Day Laborers, has been both Nanny & playwright) currently awaiting heart transplant at Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital. After receiving the transplant, Angela will require a small, customizable living space. As an artist, getting a “real job” is unrealistic, especially when factoring in the intricacies of being an artist with a lifelong congenital heart disease.


Barbara Jenice is also a singer-songwriter, painter, and Jill-Of-All-Trades (Nanny, Senior/Pet Care, Vegan Chef, Behavioral Specialist, Office Manager, Gardener, Videographer) who after recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury leads an uncommon life of music & ministry. Building a life free of assistance and fully in ministry would be greatly enhanced by a skoolie to house this mobile wonder.


Devin is a highly saught-after carpenter & craftsman, musician, booking agent for Little Harpeth Brewing, &  a serious Jack-Of-All-Trades. He has customized a School Bus for himself and his family, living on a gorgeous spread of land in Middle Tennessee. With a huge heart for humanity, Devin’s compassion and care pair excellently with his expertise and ability to adapt to the needs of ongoing projects.


By utilizing sustainable building and energy practices, ABMABT (B Squared), will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from not only creating smaller housing imprints, we also intend to utilize innovative energy technologies such as solar power roofs, electric engines, zero footprint technology.


We believe this project has the potential to impact thousands of lives through improved quality of life for low-income individuals, people experiencing homelessness as well as individuals & families coping with disabilities which limit quality of life. For most in these categories, cost of living is a prohibitive expense which could be easily remedied with a sustainably sourced and properly equipped skoolie or tiny home. This could feasibly and drastically reduce the number of individuals living on government assistance, without food or shelter, and those reliant upon family or friends for help with living spaces to meet the needs of their disability or injury.  

Potential “Corporate” Partners:

Habitat For Humanity


Sustainability Corporations/Organizations


Kampgrounds of America

National Parks Foundation

National Geographic

Technologies to consider:

Composting toilets

Solar power roofing

TESLA-esque motors


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