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On October 5, 2013 Barbara Jenice brought together friends and colleagues who in June of that year helped in the production of PhoenixFest - a 3 day art & music celebration of her first album, The Believe Initiative, a triumph over Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This gathering became The MemPhoenix Group - a non profit focused on exploring the way art heals, how to share that message with others and how to also support the work of its founder as she continued her TBI recovery.

MemPhoenix began as an entertainment and lifestyle firm dedicated to the ideals of healing and rebirth through the arts. In the three years since it's inception, MemPhoenix has grown to focus on finding ways to contribute to the global good through our motto, our ideal: #ArtHeals

Today it also encompasses healing arts, events production, non-profit support and more. MemPhoenix continues in its dedication - Art Heals.

2013 PhoenixFest Promo

Courtesy of The Hollywood AC Show


In its brief history, MemPhoenix has produced two PhoenixFest music & art festivals, supported The Memphis Music & Heritage Festival in volunteer and Family Programming, produced innumerable healing arts music events, classes, and one-of-a-kind concerts, training and healing events. 

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